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Belfast Mortgages FAQs

Different lenders have different criteria, and their decision to lend is based on several factors.

Usually, though, how much of a mortgage you’re offered will be based mainly on your employment status and salary, age, and credit rating.

Lenders will also look at your existing credit commitments, for example, car finance, and how much of a deposit you’re willing to pay.

Contact RM Financial Consultants Ltd, and we’ll ask you a couple of quick questions and then give you an estimate of what size of mortgage you’re likely to be offered.

Your monthly mortgage cost is determined by how much you’ve borrowed, the interest rate and how long your mortgage is taken out for.

RM Financial Consultants Ltd can give you an estimate once we’ve asked you some quick questions.

A repayment mortgage is a standard mortgage where you make regular, pre-agreed payments every month, and at the end of your mortgage term, all of your mortgage will be paid off.

In contrast, an interest-only mortgage means you’re only paying off the mortgage’s interest every month while the loan amount remains unchanged.

The vast majority of UK lenders require you to have Home Insurance, which runs alongside your mortgage,

Usually, Home Insurance is made up of Buildings and Contents Insurance.

In addition, many homeowners find it helpful also to purchase optional extra insurance to safeguard their families.

Optional insurance products include Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection Cover, Unemployment Cover, and Life Insurance.

RM Financial Consultants Ltd can help you choose the most appropriate cover for your circumstances.

Most UK lenders ask for a minimum deposit of 5%, while others require you to have a 10% or 15% deposit.

Here’s what those percentages might look like for a house in Belfast that costs £100,000:

  • 5% = £5,000
  • 10% = £10,000
  • 15% = £15,000

Yes, and moving lenders can save you a lot of money each month and over the lifetime of your mortgage.

It’s often easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying a house and forget about all the other smaller costs involved in the process.

If you’re buying a house in Belfast, you should budget for the following extra costs

  • Solicitor’s fees: On average, around £1,200.00.
  • Mortgage broker fees: Belfast mortgage advisors typically get a commission from the lender and a percentage of the loan cost, which could be a couple of hundred pounds, depending on your mortgage.
  • Valuation fees: Some UK lenders offer free valuations while others charge up to £1,000.
  • Stamp Duty: Work out the cost of Stamp Duty by using the UK Government’s Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) calculator.

A Buy-To-Let mortgage is a mortgage taken out to buy a property that you don’t intend to live in but intend on renting it out.

Yes, most lenders allow you to make overpayments on your mortgage.

However, some might charge you early repayment charge, so it’s crucial to find out first from your lender if this applies.

No, typically, lenders require you to have a minimum deposit of 25% for a Buy To Let mortgage.

Contact RM Financial Consultants Ltd, and after we’ve asked you a couple of quick questions, we’ll be able to tell you the maximum you’ll be likely to be offered.

If you are selling an investment property you’ve got a Buy To Let mortgage on, then you’ll have to pay Capital Gains Tax.

However, if you’re selling your home – the place you actually live - then you don’t have to pay any tax.

Find out more about Capital Gains Tax in Northern Ireland.

Your credit score is used by lenders to determine your ability to pay back your mortgage loan.

It also gives lenders a brief history of your finances over the past six years.

Yes, you can improve your credit score by showing that you can repay debt, such as credit cards, car finance and utility bills.

You should also make sure you’re on the Northern Ireland electoral role.

Your credit score is usually updated every couple of weeks, so what you do today is reflected in your credit score several weeks later.

Remortgaging usually involves changing the current mortgage on your home to a different lender.

People consider remortgaging for a wide variety of reasons, including freeing up capital, getting better rates, and borrowing more money for things such as home improvements, a new car, or even a holiday.

Most UK mortgage lenders offer the opportunity to pay off up to 10% of your mortgage every year without any penalties.

However, it’s essential to know beforehand as some lenders charge early repayment charge.

Conveyancing is the legal work carried out by a solicitor, and it’s a vital part of the home-buying process.

It’s hard to look into the future, but when you’re debating a mortgage term length, affordability should be top of your list.

Ultimately, the mortgage term you choose will best suit your life and financial circumstances.

It’s easy to be confused and frightened with all the mortgage jargon.

But getting a mortgage doesn’t have to be a frustrating and head-scratching process.

Ultimately, the most suitable mortgage for you will depend on what you can afford and your circumstances.

Many lenders have as a condition of your mortgage that you pay it all off, for example, by 60 or 65.

However, most mortgages are based more on affordability rather than age.

As part of their affordability checks, UK lenders will ask you to prove you have the income that you’ve said.

Documents to prove your income and employment include things like tax returns for self-employed, payslips and P60.

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